Gitcha Goomsba Up

by Der-Town Crew

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He's a nutcracka and so bring on the nuts
with the Der Town sound, pick your squeezebox up and squeeze
Yourself some fun in the sun with the bavarians
They're the ones who wear the Goomsba son

With the mountains so high and the rivers so fly
The dirndls look so pretty and the lederhausen ride up it's
A good time, no a wonderful time
Bavaria's the area and Woody's got the rhyme

G-g-gitcha Goomsba Up
G-g-gitcha Goomsba Up

In Leavenworth, it's festival time,
Woody knows how to show you a good time
Hike, bike, go for a climb
Down in Leavenworth, Leavenworth

He made o' wood, he jolly good, and he got a nice scent o' pine and da ladies in da dirndls tink dat he so divine
He gotta good job, pay for da beer and da wine
because he never go to sleep he never put down he stein, he Woody Goomsba

G-g-gitcha Goomsba Up
G-g-gitcha Goomsba Up

He's a nutcracka and so bring on the nuts
Like a fine wine, you give it time to breathe and such
And the beats fall like autumn leaves right outta the sky
And there’s a Von Trapp rappin’ that the hills are alive

Gotta fight for your right to have the lights on all night,
We on a roll wit da snow, when it’s Chris-suh-mas time.
Kris Kringl got the jingle and Woody got the rhyme
And the party don't start till there's another sleigh ride.

He’s cool like kielbasa, and juicy like a brawt


released January 11, 2011
Rock out with your Sauerkraut
Bavarian Village Records



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Der Town Crew Leavenworth, Washington

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